• M14 LCD meter
  • M14 LCD meter
  • M14 LCD meter
  • M14 LCD meter

M14 LCD meter

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  • M14 LCD meter
  • M14 LCD meter
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1. Working voltage: 36/48/60/72V

2. Communication mode: UART serial communication

3. Main functions: real-time speed display, headlight prompt, cruise prompt, boost prompt, gear display, total mileage display, single mileage display, power display and various parameter settings

In the power off state, long press the power on key to start the machine. After the startup animation is completed, the interface above will be displayed.

In this state, briefly press the UP key to upshift and briefly press the DOWN key to downshift. Long press the M key to enter the setting interface, and long press the power on key to shut down.

4. The setting parameters in the setting interface are as follows:

P01: Backlight brightness adjustment (not adjustable)

P02: Mileage switching 0-km 1-mile

P03: Voltage gear selection (customized according to customer requirements)

P04: Sleep time (1-60 minutes without sleep)

P05: Gear level 3-5 to 9

P06: Wheel diameter adjustment

P07: Adjustment of magnetic steel number

P08: Closed loop speed limit value adjustment

P09: Zero/non-zero start switch

P10: Driving mode switching 0 - power boost 1 - electric drive 2 - coexistence

P11: Boost sensitivity adjustment

P12: Start intensity regulation

P13: Magnetic steel plate type 5, 8, 12 optional

P14 Current limit value of controller

P15: Undervoltage value display (not adjustable)

P16: Manual cruise switch (to be supported by the controller)

P17: One key to restore factory settings (long press the "+" key to restore)

P18: ODO reset (long press the "+" key)

P19: Software version number display
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